1. Who is CadAid?

CadAid is a full-service CAD drafting company that was founded in 1992 with the idea of assisting small and mid-sized companies overcome their biggest challenge (a highly trained workforce at a low cost) to successfully undertake bigger projects. Since then, CadAid's clientele has grown into global Architecture and Engineering firms who are looking to supplement their drafting needs with a firm which is a leader in the industry and which can seamlessly blend within their organization to undertake a variety of challenging projects without supervision.

2. How can CadAid assist small to mid-sized Architectural/ Engineering firms?
Small to mid-sized companies are typically faced with a situation wherein they do not receive projects from their clients at a steady and constant flow.
A better managed company is the one which maintains an optimum sized workforce so as to deal with an unsteady work flow pattern as well as  the ups and downs of the economy. Companies are faced with the ever-posed challenge of trimming personnel in order to control their overhead costs. At such times, when there is a sudden influx of  projects, companies face a void in valuable staff to satisfy their project needs. CadAid can help by joining in seamlessly to fill in these voids to and flatten these ups and downs so as to maintain an optimum sized infrastructure. With CadAid, companies get the benefit of using a highly trained workforce at a fraction of cost of hiring, training and maintaining full-time employees. By hiring CadAid, companies are able to provide the best service to their clients, in a timely manner, without facing the burden of large employee overheads.
3. How can CadAid assist large sized Architectural/ Engineering firms?

Large sized operation are constantly looking to optimize and improve their processes to make themselves more competitive and efficient.

CadAid provides these large sized firms with a key component to success - A group of highly trained workforce ready to seamlessly blend with their organization to improve the efficiency. CadAid brings years of experience to supporting businesses in achieving their mission-critical objectives. These companies look at CadAid to complete their redlines - quickly and accurately, generating elevations & sections from hand drawn sketches - with minimum feedback from their staff - and converting old hand drawn sketches and As-built drawings into CAD. Companies are immensely benefited with CadAid's 100% error-free guarantee.

4. How what value does CadAid bring to your company?

CadAid adds immense value to each of its client’s firms by helping them focus more on the creation of new work. We have some of the best trained people in the field of Architecture, Civil/ Plumbing/ Electrical/ HVAC/ Mechanincal Engineering, Manufacturing & CAD drafting. By working together with CadAid, companies are able to provide their clients with superior design & accurate computer-aided-drafting services in an extremely efficient, accurate & timely manner without encountering the burden of large employee overheads. Companies are thus able to focus more on building better client relations to bring in newer & bigger projects.

CadAid works seamlessly with all of its clients to translate their conceptual thoughts, sketches and ideas into a complete set of design documents including both, 2D CAD drawings of plans, elevations, sections, constructions details and working drawings, as well as 3D renderings, images & perspectives. ‘We are here to provide YOU with the complete set of design & construction drawings for each of your projects so that YOU are able to utilize your time better by focussing on newer ideas & bigger creations in the field of design!’

5. What makes CadAid different from the other drafting firms?

  • On-time Delivery - CadAid understands the importance and urgency of all project deadlines and values every client’s time constraints. We guarantee delivery of all drawings well within our client’s stipulated time limits, so as to provide each client with a sufficient lead-time to prepare for their meetings, presentations or site visits.

    People - CadAid's most important asset - Each team member is well trained in technical as well as interpersonal skills and brings years of experience along with unique expertise to the project. A single point contact is assigned to every client ensuring a one-on-one service for convenience and accuracy.

    Client Confidentiality - CadAid guarantees the very strictest confidentiality of each client’s information. We also ensure the complete security of each client’s project data and designs.

    Certification - CadAid assures that all drawings generated by them are certified 100% error-free. It is possible to deliver this due to our proprietary fool-proof "4-point" error correction and scrutiny system.

    Flexibility - CadAid's ability to be flexible and be able to seamlessly integrate with their client's company. CadAid's client list speaks for itself - from small to mid sized Architectural companies to giant multi-national engineering and manufacturing corporations.

    Low Cost Solutions - Due to our years of experience in this field, we are able to control costs and offer these cost savings to our clients.

    Commitment to Technology - CadAid invests considerable resources in order to be on the cutting edge of technology. We are constantly upgrading our hardware and software to be ahead of the curve so as to provide a superior service to all our clients.

    Experience - CadAid's client list includes over 75 companies from various backgrounds giving CadAid a leading edge over the rest of the competition.

6. What experience does CadAid bring to us?

CadAid has been in business since 1992 - probably more than any other company in the field. CadAid's client list includes about 75 companies from the Architecture, Engineering & Manufacturing background. CadAid's proprietress brings over 20 years of experience in  the field of Architecture. CadAid's employees are trained professionals in the field of Architecure and Engineering . This gives CadAid a leading competitive edge above the rest.

7. What can CadAid offer on confidentiality and security?

Security questions are faced and asked to us by our clients frequently. We treat client security very seriously. First form of security is client and document confidentially. We are very discrete about publishing or sharing project names and/or other confidential information such as designs, company data and sensitive material. Non-disclosure agreements are a standard practice. We have been in the business since 1992 and our clients trust their valuable information to us.

Second point of security is technological security - a security that comes from assurances that the data and information processed and stored by us is safe from virus, hacker attacks, loss due to power and other computer related issues. We assure our clients that all our information and data is protected by the latest anti-virus and firewall software. Our computers are backed-up  on a regular basis and are protected by Uninterruptible Power Sources to safeguard against sudden loss of power. Our #1 priority is timely commitment and delivery of drawings to our clients. We take all precautions necessary to ensure that these commitments are not compromised.

8. How can we save costs without sacrificing quality?

CadAid's cost control measures are scientifically tested and implemented over time and not made at the cost of quality; They are achieved by controlling overhead inefficiencies and workforce productivity. By constantly investing in high-powered equipment, we are able to control the overhead inefficiencies and by hiring the best workforce in the industry and by continuously training them, we are able to control the workforce productivity. Our "4-point" error checking and correction system supplements the above productivity by controlling drafting errors and minimizing wasted times as a result of re-draws.

The final result - a lower cost per drawing that is directly forwarded to our clients.

9. What is CadAid's mission?

"In everything we do, we seek to add a significant value to our clients and strive to make a profound impact on our client's performance". By working together with our clients on a continuous basis as an integral part of their organization, we are able to achieve an improvement to each client's performance thereby providing them with a significant value through considerable cost and time savings. CadAid strives to meet and exceed our client's expectations thereby delivering better value, faster programs and enhanced quality. Providing personalized service, timely turnarounds and accurate drawings is CadAid's primary goal. CadAid's proprietress and staff devote focused attention to the unique and ever-changing demands and requirements of each client.

In short, CadAid's mission is very simple! Be the best in the industry by offering the best service and at the best price.

10. How is Continuous Improvement implemented at CadAid?

Continuous Improvement has many definitions: Continuous improvement is the process of improving quality, productivity and cost by eliminating waste. Continuous Improvement is an operational philosophy used to achieve substantial improvement by focusing on Customer Satisfaction, Universal Participation-and Ongoing Improvement.

Continuous improvement is a component of every day aspect at CadAid and is used to provide a systematic, data-driven guide for both, day-to-day as well as long-term decision-making. A variety of strategies are used to take stock of where we stand as a company by tracking progress of our goals, evaluating our strengths and weaknesses, identifying obstacles to our goals, reflecting on our current successes, and implementing strategies to overcome the obstacles thereby improving on our performance and ability to deliver better services to our clients. With Continuous Improvement, we hope to achieve increased customer satisfaction, improved cost control, better employee morale and communications, increased job satisfaction/ reduced staff turnover and improved employee productivity.